The time is finally here, for the Swedish based Soleil Camara, to release his first solo song and music video. After appearing on iSHI’s, world renowned music producer’s mixtape “Spring Pieces”, also featuring Pusha T, Tinie Tempah & Reakwon, Soleil took a step back in search for his own sound, yet keeping the conscious lyricism of Reggae music, where his heart is.
Soleil has embraced electronic music from different scenes and embodied it with the Urban music he grew up with. In collaboration with producers iSHI and 1NVOLV3D, as well as co-writer Adam ADL from Blacknuss, Soleil took the first step into the realm of his new sound.
With consciousness being the keyword in his songs, Soleil plants a lyrical journey for the listeners to take part in and interpret in their own way. And although the original sound and the energy of the song make it suitable for any night club’s dance floor, it contains a heavier message, encouraging us to seek the truth and a higher purpose in our lives.

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