LionDub is a nine piece band from the town of Gävle in the northern part of Sweden, and released their latest album ”Connected” as late as april 2010. LionDub is also currently in the progress of creating a yet another album in cooperation with the top Swedish reggae label Rub-a-Dub records.


Jonas Bengtsson, drums & backing vocals
Rasmus Diamant, bass
Lennart Wastesson, guitar & backing vocals
Leif Fernqvist, trumpet
Ralph Benton, trombone
Joakim Lindgren, saxophone
Alexander Lindström, keyboard
Peter Ekengren, leading vocals
Mattias Bengtsson, percussion

Reggaeunion-Liondub 2015
Recorded and mixed at Rub-A-Dub Studios, Stockholm, Sweden

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