Stig van Eijk

Stig van Eijk takes reggae and soul music to a whole different level when he combines it with their personal lyrics and interpretations. He has a uniqueness that can not be compared to anyone else in Norway .
Stig van Eijk was born in Cali, Colombia, in 1981 and was adopted to Norway just nine months old. Since he was a little boy , he always had an interest in music, and he quickly learned to play both guitar and piano. At the age of 17 years he made his debut as an artist through an appearance in the Eurovision Song Contest and won . He released the single ” Living My Life Without You ” and his debut album ” Where I Belong ” in 1999. Both sold to gold ( 35,000 copies), and the same year he was assigned the male artist of the year at Hit Awards.
In 2001 he started B: underground Club in Bergen, where a number of different people could perform live with the houseband . Of which result laid the foundation for his upcoming reggae band, The Soul Express Orchestra.
During this time continued Stig writing music for other artists . Heinz Winckler won South Africa Idol in 2002 with Stig’s song, ”Once in a lifetime ” ( sold to platinum , 100,000 copies) . Stig has also made a peace song for his mother country , Colombia, in

2002. The song was recorded with a symphony orchestra in Bogotá, and he was promoted through a series of concerts and TV shows.
In 2003, The Soul Express Orchestra established . With its combination of soul, funk and reggae , they created a completely separate sound and formed an energetic music that has probably never been to the surface here in the cold north . The band has made memorable concerts at Quartfestival , By : Larm and on You Tubes first internet – festival. The Soul Express Orchestra released their first album ”Time for a change” in 2010.
In 2013 he released his second solo album, ”Presentation”. The album reflects all the inspirations he has experienced throughout his long career, and then with the foundation geared towards reggae and soul . The lyrics deals with personal experiences and expressions that convey a positive message . After you have seen the videos ”Always a solution” and ”Never say never” you will understand what kind of artist he is. He ́s also a fantastic live artist who always puts the audience’s experience in focus. This never fails.
His vocals and lyrics reflect his personality. He is a quiet and humble soul who wants the best for other people, but with a courage as a warrior . Van Eijk ‘s music is passion , love and hope.