Reggae/dancehall artist Sally Sow from Öland, Sweden, singing an acoustic version of her coming single ”Keep your light on”, a song dedicated to her mom.

”Sally’s first single, ”Keep your light on” is a sentimental reggae ballad. The song was co-written with Daniel ”Papa Dee” Wahlgren and produced by Partillo. The song is released in spring 2014 in cooperation with Pinet Group.

20-year-old Sally Sow is a versatile reggae singer from the island Öland with Swedish and Senegalese roots. At age 14 she moved away from home due to family reasons. Keep Your Light On is a sentimental tribute to Sally’s mother and their special relationship.

Sally was a backup singer to the hiphop legend Ken Ring in the summer of 2012, and sang the parts of ”Själen av en vän.” Sally sings in English and later waiting a foreign launch across Europe. ”Keep Your Light On” is the first out of two Partillo-produced songs this spring.”

Lyrics/music: Sally Sow (Daniel Wahlgren aka Papa Dee)
Production: Partillo production
Video: Emil Strada
Guitar: Don Paco


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