Lotta Griffith släpper singel från kommande album – My Happiness på spotify.

Om Lotta Griffith

Lotta Griffith is a Swedish Jamaican reggae artist who is totally inlove with music and wants to spread the vibes of the reggae heartbeat to the four corners of the earth. Lotta Griffith remembers vividly listening to Bob Marleys Natural Mystic at a tender age and was so inspired by the words and message of the song and it was that special day that the drum and bass of reggae hit the then young Lotta Griffith and she started to write songs,then to sing songs and to perform these songs that she had written.

Lotta Griffith first number one song MURDERER hit many charts across Europe,the USA and Asia. When Lotta Griffith recorded MURDERER she was known as GRIFFITH and after completing
the video shoot for the song in Oracabessa,St Mary,Jamaica,MURDERER was released on a hip hop ragga beat.

My Happiness is the name of Lotta Griffith brand new reggae single and with a album in the works,Lotta Griffith reggae journey continues.

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